[Olsr-dev] OLSRd 0.5.6-r7 released

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Wed Nov 11 17:18:12 CET 2009


after a few weeks of testing (and getting rid of an evil bug) we have released 
0.5.6-r7 this evening. The mayor changes were some improvements in the ETX-FF 
metric and new stabilization patches for the route generation.

You will find the tarballs at

and the signed MD5 keys at


Markus Kittenberg:
FIX: fix incorret route sorting on new neighbours. use only delete and 
add/change avl tree,
     instead of 3 trees
ADD: learn neighbours interface alias adress from received hellos

Henning Rogge:
FIX: fix segfault in 'interface lost' monitor
ADD: add LQ hysteresis to etx-ff metric

md5 65e0453f288c09f59f37ee70b4db84fb  olsrd-0.5.6-r7.tar.gz
md5 dde8cb45a10f0cad2010ab2e8ad55146  olsrd-0.5.6-r7.tar.bz2
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