[Olsr-dev] mdns plugin how to remove threads

ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) (spam-protected)
Fri Mar 13 18:22:01 CET 2009

> In scheduler.c you will find the function "add_olsr_socket".
> You can use add_olsr_socket for adding your socket to the "polling loop"
> and/or add a handler to be called immediately (will not wait for the polling
> delay to end).
> You have to use the flags SP_PR_READ, SP_PR_WRITE, SP_IMM_READ and
> SP_IMM_WRITE to tell the function what kind of callbacks you would like to
> have.


please look here:

look at the current tip (branch NoThreads)

I followed your suggestion and I implemented it without Threads !!! It
was very easy :)
(still I have to port this version without threads to olsrd-0.5.6r3
for testing on OpenWRT with uClibs)

Just one question, I used SP_PR_READ as flag but I have no idea what
is this flag for :) Where is the documentation about this ? What is
the difference with SP_IMM_READ ??

I did a quick test on Netkit and seems to work good, but of course
some more debug is needed :)


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