[Olsr-dev] Idea for a new plugin

Manuel Munz (spam-protected)
Sat Mar 7 13:26:59 CET 2009


mesh internal chat would be great and i like to share some thoughts i
had while reading your mails.

ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) wrote:
> It is cool because 4 days ago I started developing a new OLSR plugin
> for mDNS support over the MESH.
> The key idea of the plugin is to intercept mDNS traffic on the HNA
> networks, get this traffic and flood it to the OLSR nodes into new
> OLSR message types. The receiving nodes decapsulate the traffic and
> inject it into their HNAs.

Would your solution only work with HNA or also with natted clients? And
what is the benefit compared to enabling multicast and multicast
forwarding on all routers in the mesh, since new software is needed in
both cases?

> Once you have the plugin running on your node (suppose you have the
> laptop on the HNA segment) Bonjour Chat clients (Pidgin, iChat and
> others..) starts to populate buddy list and you can chat serverless.

I like that idea, because then we can also use the already existing
encryption in these apps, like OTR and other features like filetransfer.
There are also some other interesting uses for multicast, e.g. the F2F
app Oneswarm can also detect friends in the same mesh with mdns.
Although i have no experience with it, i'm a little concerned about
scalability of mdns in large nets, as one can read that it is intended
for small networks. I suppose that would be the same problem with an
olsr plugin?

Regards, soma

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