[Olsr-dev] Multipath routing in OLSRD

Ralf Lübben (spam-protected)
Tue Mar 3 20:02:10 CET 2009

Am Dienstag 03 März 2009 19:35:39 schrieb Henning Rogge:
> On Dienstag 03 März 2009 18:35:52 Ralf Lübben wrote:
> > One example can be found here:
> > http://www.firewall.cx/ftopict-3080.html
> >
> > E.g.: iptables marks packets based on some statistics (packet or flow
> > basis), based on the marking a routing table is chosen.
> >
> > The iptables module is renamed from "nth" to "statistics", see
> > "iptables -m statistic -h"
> I don't think you understand the problem.
> If you push a packet along the shortest path form node to node it will stay
> on the path. Because the shortest path on the next hop is still the same
> path you calculated on your node.
> But when you want to move traffic on the "second shortest path" (as an
> example) the next node a will route it differently, because "second
> shortest path might not be the same for this node (even if you mark your
> package so the next hop will know that this is "second shortest path"
> traffic).

Right, I think now I got your point.


> Henning

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