[Olsr-dev] Multipath routing in OLSRD

Ralf L├╝bben (spam-protected)
Tue Mar 3 16:18:07 CET 2009


I'm working on a multipath extension for olsrd, so far I decided to implement 
a "k shortest path" algorithm in olsrd.
The algorithm is based on dijkstra, so I can reuse the existing functions.

But for the computation I need the shortest path from the node to a possible 

Is there any simple way to extract the shortest path from the node to a 

In the function "olsr_calculate_routing_table()" the shortest path to all 
destinations are computed and after execution of the 
function "olsr_spf_run_full()", all reachable destinations are stored in the 
variable "path_list".

I would need the shortest paths from the node which executes the algorithm to 
all possible destinations in the path_list, so that I know which nodes are 
traversed to a destination.

Thank you in advance.


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