[Olsr-dev] Topology entries and kernel routes

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Thu Jun 4 23:42:50 CEST 2009

I thought I was going crazy there for while. Thank you Henning for your


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Am Dienstag 02 Juni 2009 01:17:20 schrieb (spam-protected):
> Hello all,
> I am currently playing with olsrd version 0.5.5 and had a few question 
> regarding topology entries and kernel routes. I have been modifying 
> this version a little to meet my needs and came across a problem which 
> I found was also occurring in an unmodified version so I thought I'd get
> insight.   Now as I watch the debug output from a terminal I noticed a few
> things that really puzzled me. A node is not added to the kernel 
> routes unless there exists a topology entry for it as the source ip
> > Thank you very much for your time,

I have replicated the problem on my local VMs. I will try to get a fix ready
on the weekend.


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