[Olsr-dev] Topology entries and kernel routes

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Tue Jun 2 01:17:20 CEST 2009

Hello all, 


I am currently playing with olsrd version 0.5.5 and had a few question
regarding topology entries and kernel routes. I have been modifying this
version a little to meet my needs and came across a problem which I found
was also occurring in an unmodified version so I thought I'd get some
insight.   Now as I watch the debug output from a terminal I noticed a few
things that really puzzled me. A node is not added to the kernel routes
unless there exists a topology entry for it as the source ip address. This
really stumped me since there exists an alternate route to this node via
other outputted topology entries. For instance, I have four test nodes and
depending on the link qualities I can see some nodes come in and out of
visibility in the LINKS section of the output which is only natural.
However, in the TOPOLOGY output and kernel routes I get confused, for
example a snapshot of the topology from Node 1's perspective at a point in




Source IP                             Dest IP

Node 1                                 Node 2

Node 1                                 Node 3

Node 1                                 Node 4 

Node 2                                 Node 1

Node 2                                 Node 3

Node 2                                 Node 4


With this specific snapshot for instance the kernel routes would only have
the route to Node 2 i.e. Node 2 via Node 2.  I would assume that with the
other entries, depending on which path is better, there should also exist
kernel routes to Node 3 and Node 4 via directly or using Node 2 even though
there aren't topology entries for Node 3 and Node 4 (as the source IP). Can
someone explain if this is how it should work, and if not, where would a
situation like this be handled in the code?


Thank you very much for your time,



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