[Olsr-dev] Some reflections on link state routing and metrics

Markus Kittenberger (spam-protected)
Mon Feb 9 13:01:16 CET 2009

> Some additional remark: This is much worse for funkfeuer like networks
> (with centralistic uplink organisation) than for freifunk like networks
> (with O(n) uplink gateways) because funkfeuer tends to have long routes,
> where it is much more likely to hit a loop. I guess that also explains
> why so many olsrd bugs have been found in Vienna.

> Sorry, you got it exactly the wrong way. Vienna with it's 5 Ghz backbone to
> the central uplink(s) have a short average hopcount compared to networks
> like
> Berlin od Leipzig.

hmm funny
i guess we in vienna just could not believe that others may have even more
hops, as we already suffer very regulary ,..
but maybe we just have better monitoring, ..
or we just don`know how much others suffer from this,..
or maybe the 5G backbone introduces problems not known to other meshes,..
or vienniece just love to complain,..
whatever, best would be to stop us and other from suffering from loops *g
but i assume taht in the last months loops mostly come from implementation
which cause links which do no time out,..
and from inconsistent kernel/olsr routing tables, which simply creates loops
or blackholes
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