[Olsr-dev] OLSR .Net Framework

L. Aaron Kaplan (spam-protected)
Fri Aug 28 11:37:24 CEST 2009

My first impression is that all the .CS files simply call  
functionalities in the routewin.dll . But I dont see any source code  
of routewin.dll.


On Aug 28, 2009, at 11:27 AM, Daniel Rodríguez Pagés wrote:

> Dear all,
> From APIF Moviquity S.A. (Spanish SME) we would like to announce  
> results obtained within a European research line named WORKPAD (http://www.workpad-project.eu 
> )  and funded by European Commission within 6th framework programme (http://cordis.europa.eu/home_en.html 
> )  On the view of the great efforts within the specification of the  
> OLSR protocol done by the olsr.org group, we have carried out the  
> development of new implementations within .Net Framework for being  
> run within Windows Mobile devices which we hope could be useful to  
> spread out the usage of this protocol.
> Our development, under open source license, can be found in http://sourceforge.net/projects/wmolsr/ 
>  together with some indications about usage within Windows based  
> terminals and versioning.
> Through those implementations we have been able to route packets  
> within complex structures mixing PDAs and laptops  using one of the  
> nodes as a link with a WAN offering Internet connectivity to the Ad- 
> Hoc Networks. Furthermore we have optimized CPU usage, as far as  
> possible, taking into account CPU, Wifi and memory restrictions. Of  
> course there is still room for improvement giving further support on  
> the extensions of the protocol OLSR but we expect it could be useful  
> as pillars of new developments.
> Within APIF Moviquity S.A. we are interested to keep working in the  
> area of the mobile complex communications at the international  
> level. As far as we are quite active in European initiatives, we are  
> looking forward new research lines where we could boost our  
> developments beyond the results obtained nowadays creating a  
> consortium with new organizations.
> For any question, doubt… don’t hesitate to contact with us,
> Kind Regards,
> Daniel R.
> <image001.gif>
> http://www.moviquity.com
> Daniel Rodríguez Pagés
> Gerente de Desarrollo
> Software Development Manager
> C/Isabel Colbrand 10, pl. 5ª, Oficina 150
> 28050 MADRID Spain
> ( Mob: +34 638 540 947
> ( Tlf: +34 91 431 98 59
> 4 Fax: :+34 91 431 22 06
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