[Olsr-dev] Too many OLSR messages...

L. Aaron Kaplan (spam-protected)
Sun Aug 9 10:55:21 CEST 2009

> Do we want this change backported into the stable branch ? I think  
> yes.
> Yes *g

IMHO *yes* with some testing... So.. I suggest a backport. If you want  
I can take over some testing efforts.
At least I have some 6 FONs with me. Not much but at least something.

For settings in the config file I suggest that we imply take the first  

> But how shall we do it without breaking too much stuff ? Do you  
> think it's enough
> to have a "sane" TC/MID/HNA timing default and just ignore the  
> settings in the
> interfaces ?
> this may be desireful for many insane settings out there, but i  
> think it`s too bad to do so,..
> .
> i would let the first interface-timing settings configured in  
> olsrd.conf overrule all other interfaces. This would in most cases  
> lead


> to the completely same timings as an old olsr would have with this  
> config file,.. (as most configs contain same timings for all  
> interfaces)
> .
> and maybe integrate the interfaceunspecific timing options like in  
> the tiptip already in 0.5.6
> which if they are used, will overrule all timings in interface blocks
> Markus



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