[Olsr-dev] Implement Blackhole for security test

Eddy (spam-protected)
Thu Aug 6 15:14:48 CEST 2009

Henning Rogge wrote:

Am Wed August 5 2009 19:00:58 schrieb Eddy:

I want to implement blackhole for my final project to test the security in
my wireless mesh network.

What kind of security did you add to the OLSR routing protocoll ?

Henning Rogge


 hi, sorry but maybe I told you the wrong idea.
actually right now i'm testing my wireless mesh network which is using olsr
as protocol against all attacks that might be possible. i try to analyze the
attacks and find the solution.
i want to implement the attacks using the protocol weaknesses and blackhole
is one of them.
but i'm kind of lost there especially in programming. So, about ur question,
i haven't added anything to the protocol. sorry.
I paste again my question before:

There was some question before to this mailing list about this also. Holger
asked this before.
He said that he did change the code in :

"build_msg.c" in the functions
"serialize_hello4" and "serialize_hello6" and in "packet.c".

Holger said that it generates function that tells nodes heard of as one-hop
Does anyone know what part do i have to change? cause i'm no expert in
also it would be great if you can attach the file also.


Eddy Christian
Telecommunication Engineering
Bandung Institute of Technology
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