[Olsr-dev] olsrd etx + plugin

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Thank you Henning. That's a good way to go about doing this. However, the
version of olsr installed on my devices is 0.5.5. I would like to keep them
on that version for now. Is updating them to the most recent development
version (for using your lq-Plugin suggestion) the only way for now?


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> Hello all,
> I have been working pretty hard trying to get an accurate estimation 
> of the bandwidth of links through the use of a plugin in olsrd. I have 
> successfully achieved this however I am still a little stuck on how to 
> incorporate this acquired bandwidth value with the default ETX values 
> calculated by olsrd.
> I was able to modify the link state database (i.e. tc_edge etx values) 
> to include the bandwidth but since olsrd is constantly updating these 
> values they are reset and eventually my bandwidth value is rendered 
> useless. Any suggestions on how to go about doing this through my 
> plugin without modifying the main olsrd code? Or is modifying the main 
> parts of the olsrd code where etx is calculated by accessing values in 
> my plugin the only way to go?
The only thing you need is a modified lq-Plugin (see /lib/lq_... for
examples). The whole link quality calculation of the development-tip of
olsr.org is concentrated in this plugins.

And you will find an experimental OLSR version that can read transmission
speed of WLAN cards into an internal database here (needs kernel 2.6.29):


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