[Olsr-dev] IPv6 Unique Local Addresses

Alexander Morlang (spam-protected)
Sat Nov 29 18:33:49 CET 2008

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Alina Friedrichsen schrieb:
> Hello Alex!
>> i can agree on that, as olsrd now sets routes to neighbours to its
>> ULA or global addresse while it should set routes to the fe80::
>> link local addresses.
> The problem with link-local addresses is, because it uses the same
> prefix an every interface, you can only use it with protocols where
> you can specify the Interface. I have only seen this addresses
> working with ping, in the routing table and for DNS yet. All other
> protocols I don't get working with it for now.

for all other applications there are unique-local or global addresses,
but a node itself does not need to have a address other then link-local.

i was actually surprised to see hostroutes to unique local addresses
when running olsr in v6, as that should be hostroutes to link-local
addresses, AFAIR.

my questions is: how should handle olsr the non link local addresses?
via MID or should they be announced via a HNA6/128?

i have to lookup the rfc during the trainride today.

> Regards Alina

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