[Olsr-dev] IPv6 Unique Local Addresses

Alina Friedrichsen (spam-protected)
Sat Nov 29 01:15:36 CET 2008

Hello Alex!

> i think, interface configuration is not the job of a routing daemon,

well, but...

> if
> you want to do stateless ipv6 autoconfiguration in a mesh, you can use
> an protocol like ahcp (http://www.pps.jussieu.fr/~jch/software/ahcp/),
> which also gives you a global routeble prefix before starting the olsr
> daemon (if you want it).

An external daemon don't have the topologic information, which is for now the best internet-gateway, so that it can take the global prefix from it. This is the job of the routing daemon, but I think this routing concept should be implemented as an external olsrd-plugin and not in the main olsrd, so that it naturally don't plays with your interface configuration.


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