[Olsr-dev] OLSR Multicast

shahab shiran (spam-protected)
Fri Nov 21 12:18:13 CET 2008

yes i see ICMP Echo request on the receiver's bmf0 interface,
as you say,so everything must be fine.
many thanks for your help,

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Subject: Re: [Olsr-dev] OLSR Multicast
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Date: Friday, November 21, 2008, 2:32 AM

Am Friday 21 November 2008 11:22:42 schrieb shahab shiran:
> /dev/net/tun exists, and i see bmf0-00 (by ifconfig)
> and route for bmf0.
> but when i do ping, nothing comes back...
I think the multicast itself works, but the ICMP-Reply does not come back (you 
are doing some kind of broadcast ping).

Just check it with a tcpdump on the receiver side if you see the ICMP-Request. 
If yes, everything is fine.


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