[Olsr-dev] Good use patterns of "goto" - or not? (was Re: httpinfo IPv6 patch)

Alina Friedrichsen (spam-protected)
Tue Nov 18 17:16:50 CET 2008

Hello Roar!

> I also likes this approach a lot better than copying the error handing in
> every code 
> branch. The goto call in it self is not evil or dangerous, it all depend
> on how it is used.


> But I don't think a check for NULL before calling free() is needed, most
> operating system 
> as I know of handles a NULL pointer just fine (please correct me if you
> know of any system 
> that does not).
>  From Linux "man 3 free":
> "If ptr is NULL, no operation is performed."
>  From MS MSDN (windows):
> "If memblock is NULL, the pointer is ignored and free immediately
> returns."

Okay, but I'm not sure that it's in every c library the case.


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