[Olsr-dev] httpinfo IPv6 patch

Alina Friedrichsen (spam-protected)
Mon Nov 17 19:05:13 CET 2008

Hi Bernd!

> Hmm, assume that my ISP supports IPv6[0]: So I can simply use that IP
> address and live in the (pure) IPv6 world?

No, you maybe mistake it with 6to4 tunnels were your IPv4 address builds an IPv6 prefix. v4 mapped IPv6 adresses are only for IPv6 servers to handle IPv4 connections.

> [0]: Is it that simple?

The easiest way to get an IPv6 connection for your local machine only over an 6in4 tunnel to Hexago is on a Debian-based system:
aptitude install tspc
and then try: (no configuration)
ping6 ipv6.google.com

An other tunnel broker I like with much better ping timings is Hurricane Electric:

My german ISP which has native IPv6 support via PPPoE is Titan-DSL:


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