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Stanley Kotes (spam-protected)
Sat May 17 18:46:57 CEST 2008


I want to implement a filter module to filter out routes that are not
wanted. For instance:

PlParam "filter" ""

Would not accept any HNAs in that range, instead, silently drop them.
I have most of the plugin already written, and can print out "Accept"
or "Reject" messages depending on the HNAs received. The only part I
don't understand is how to actually approve or reject the olsr_message
I received. At the moment, I'm registering a parser that gets HNA
messages and calling olsr_forward_message to forward the message if I
accept it, and I don't call that if I reject it. Is that correct? Is
there any documentation I can read about this? Or do I need to change
something else?

Also, I believe I have found a bug in ip_in_net in ipcalc.c. I was
using the functions in here for obvious reasons, and without this
patch, it would not convert the IPs to host form in order to perform
the bitwise AND. This patch fixes that so that it works on little and
big endian machines. The patch is attached.

Stanley Koteks
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