[Olsr-dev] Error in setting up OLSR network

Hannes Gredler (spam-protected)
Thu May 15 10:45:52 CEST 2008

you forget to mention which version of olsrd you are using.

> Hi Everyone,
> We are trying to create an Ad-hoc network of four nodes using OLSR such
> that all four nodes should be able to ping each other and transmit data
> from node to node.  Right now, we have deployed it where three of the
> nodes are running Mac OSX 10.5, and the last is an IBM thinkpad on XP.
> The Macs have been set up to broadcast their IDs, but the one on XP are
> working just as end points (clients) without broadcasting.  On the macs,
> I created a network with same SSID "XYZ" and node A is joining the
> netwok XYZ. Thus all four nodes are a part of same network named XYZ.
> When we use just three nodes A(XP)<->B(mac)<->C(mac) then its possible
> to ping from A to C, and transmit data back and forth.
> But when we use
>  A(xp)<->B(mac)<->C(mac)<->D(mac) where B,C,D are now
> broadcasting the same network under same SSID and A is a client then we
> are not able to ping A to D and it stops pinging C and B as well.
> However, in OLSR, we can still see all the connections and IPs of all
> the nodes. 
> Can anybody suggest what may be the possible reason for this breakdown?
> Or what is the best way to set up Ad-hoc network of up to 10 nodes while
> using OLSR where all nodes should be able ping each other and transmit
> data assuming each node is a laptop and using its wireless interface.  
> Some more details about the deployment and configuration:
> On the Macs, we have altered the config file by commenting out HNA4 and
> we have stated the interface names (e.g. en0 and en1)
> Thanks in advance for your help!

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