[Olsr-dev] Reloading DNS server hosts file from nameserver plugin

Andrés Ambrois (spam-protected)
Tue May 6 20:47:17 CEST 2008

On Saturday 05 April 2008 10:26:42 Andrés Ambrois wrote:
> Hello people!
>   I'm a member of the Development Group of MontevideoLibre [0], a project
> dedicated to the construction of a city-wide free (as in freedom) wi-fi
> network in Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay.
>   We have decided to use OLSR as our routing algorithm (yay!), at least for
> the early stages of the project. We have found the nameservice plugin to be
> a great solution to many of our problems (dns and service information
> flooding), and hope to contribute a bit to its development.
>   The first problem we faced was to provide DNS to nodes not running OLSR
> (temporal "clients" of the network), which is solved by running a DNS
> server on "edge" nodes who provide connectivity. However, dnsmasq (and I
> believe bind too, but I'm not sure) only read the hosts file at startup,
> and are oblivious to changes in the file.
>   We found that a SIGHUP signal would cause dnsmasq to re-read the hosts
> file (see NOTES section in its manfile), and named (the bind dns server) to
> reload (see the SIGNALS section in its manfile). In order to acomplish this
> from the nameservice plugin we wrote two patches: The first one sends a
> sighup directly to a process (specified by its pidfile in the plugin
> parameters) right after the hosts file is written. The second executes a
> script when the hosts file is written, and, optionally, another one when
> the services file is written. Of course, the first has the advantage of
> being much more efficient, and the second of having many more applications.
>   It would make us very happy to see this included in a future release of
> olsrd, so we can give back something.
>   I take the liberty of attaching the patches to this email. Please let me
> know if there's a better way to get this commited.
>   Thanks in advance!
> [0] http://montevideolibre.org (in Spanish)

I don't suppose this will make it for 0.5.6?
Just checking :)

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