[Olsr-dev] Willingness = 0, Question.

José Manuel Chorro Boix (spam-protected)
Fri May 2 19:40:29 CEST 2008

Hi I have been making probes with the willingness parameter, I am a freshman in
olsrd. I think that when willingness is set to
0 (WILL_NEVER) The node will not forward traffic in any situation. Correct?.

Well I have found that there is a case in which it does. Imagen 4 nodes conected
like that:


I set willingness in node B to 0 an the rest to 6.

In that situatión only node C acts as MPR. And I thought that node A would be
isolated from nodes C and D.

Well I have tried that esquema and only node D is isolated from node A but C can
get A throught B and A can get C also throught B.

Actually Node D find a route to A but A do not find a route to D.

Can any one tell me if that is a normal situation according with the standart or
it is a bug.

Thank you very much and regards


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