[Olsr-dev] Socket error

Cédric (spam-protected)
Mon Jun 30 09:34:41 CEST 2008

Hi everyone !

I have a laptop running on Windows XP on which one I want olsrd to run
on both Wifi ( and ethernet ( interfaces so I
choose this two interfaces in the GUI and click start but the daemon
won't start because it "couldn't initialize socket". Here is the exact
error message :

*** olsr.org - 0.5.5 ***
 Build date: 2008-02-10 19:59:36 on PCAcer

Parsing file: "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\GNUE.tmp"
ERROR - getsocket/bind(): Une seule utilisation de chaque adresse de
socket (protocole/adresse réseau/port) est habituellement autorisée.
Could not initialize socket... exiting!

I noticed that olsrd uses UDP port 698 to send&receive OLSR packets
maybe this port can't be shared between two interfaces ?
Is there a workaround ?
Is it possible for a node to route packets using only one network
interface ? With Windows ? With Linux ?

Best regards.

"Soyons désinvoltes, n'ayons l'air de rien..."

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