[Olsr-dev] 0.5.6-rc6 is out

Acinonyx (spam-protected)
Mon Jun 23 14:05:49 CEST 2008

Στις Monday 23 June 2008 09:54:50 ο/η Hannes Gredler έγραψε:
> tx vasilis,
> have merged your repository.
> http://gredler.at/hg/olsrd/rev/21acd17f7525
> would be curious to hear to test results - if all
> works out well, i'll sync to sf.net for the next candidate-release.
> /hannes

Thanks Hannes,

Here are some test results with revision 21acd17f7525 and Quagga 0.98.6:

* Compiling plugin - Pass
* Exporting to zebra - Pass
* Selected route flag setting - Pass
* Distance settting - Pass
* Redistributing to OLSR - Fail. Although it works OK with small number of 
routes it freezes when receiving large packets (~600 BGP routes). We have to 
look into it further.

I will leave the testbed on for a few hours. 

Access to zebra: telnet acinonyx.ath.cx 2601
Read password: zebra

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