[Olsr-dev] 0.5.6-rc5 is out

Hannes Gredler (spam-protected)
Mon Jun 16 11:00:24 CEST 2008

Bernd Petrovitsch wrote:
> IMHO if a node vanishes, the HNAs from that node should also vanish. It
> doesn't make much sense to keep the default route if the "gateway node"
> announcing it is not reachable anymore.

thats not quite right - if a node vanishes, then the *routes* reachable via
that note should go away, _not_ the HNA entry itself.

just think about it:
if one would deletes the HNA entry itself then a timed out node, coming
back would need to wait until the HNA entry gets refreshed, rather than
using what he has in its database (and still is valid).

as a further thought experiment you might want to think about a node
that becomes fully isolated (all links down). and now a single link comes
up again - would you flush all contents of the lsdb every originated by
the disconnected node just because of temporary dis connectivity ?


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