[Olsr-dev] Freifunk Testing

Alexander Morlang (spam-protected)
Sun Jun 15 14:38:40 CEST 2008

elektra schrieb:
> Hi -
> yes, there is.
> http://zolder.scii.nl/~elektra/olsr-thomas-elektra-web-quality.pdf
> https://www.open-mesh.net/misc/optimized-link-state-routing-deamon/olsr-story.txt/view
> Fisheye was not introduced with HSLS, it was also present in MMRP 
> (Mobile Mesh Routing Protocol) and possibly others.
> @Aaron: May I pick up the occasion and publicly remind you that you 
> still owe 3000€ to the B.A.T.M.A.N. team for finalizing the IEEE draft? 
> I think that it is fine and justified to do so now, because everybody 
> involved in that bounty has quietly given up on the money already. You 
> were supposed to pay last year. At the CCC-Congress 2007/2008 you told 
> us that you already had spent the money (on what?) and that we may get 
> paid in January/February. And don't give me this 'Elektra is bashing 
> OLSR'-shit again. Without the work that Thomas Lopatic and I contributed 
> OLSR wouldn't be as established as it is today. I think you and your 
> ******* ego are messing up things big time.
> I have seen that presentation at the WCW 2008 with this embarrassing 
> header "R.O.B.I.N= Routing Olsr Better Inside", that you made. Hey man, 
> OLSR is an old shoe, but it is not so bad that it would need such 
> childish chicken-shit behavior.
> Couldn't resist - and not feeling sorry
> elektra

how about just unsubscribing here?

lies and personal attacs are maybe normal style on you left wing 
anarchist bauwagenplatz, but here is a more civilized place.

so shut the fuck up and get lost.


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