[Olsr-dev] Freifunk Testing

Sven-Ola Tücke (spam-protected)
Sat Jun 14 09:52:06 CEST 2008


to fire up testing, I've uploaded a version of the freifunk 
firmware with olsrd-0.5.6-rc5. Just grab the trx and install 
on top of a running freifunk, e.g.:

cd /tmp
wget http://download-master.berlin.freifunk.net/sven-ola/binaries/olsrd-0.5.6-rc5/openwrt-freifunk-1.6.30-0xff.trx
firmware-burn /tmp/openwrt*.trx

Both versions (0xff and de) have passed the burn-in test,
because I simply cannot upload if my routers do not run <ggg>

// Sven-Ola

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