[Olsr-dev] Is there olsrd with ETT implementation

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Thu Jan 24 07:29:26 CET 2008

Am Mittwoch 23 Januar 2008 21:22:21 schrieb Erik Tromp:
> Hi,
> At Thales Communications, Huizen (NL), we developed an ETT extension of
> OLSR. Just a few weeks ago I received the permission to publish this
> extension under the GPL license conditions.
Olsrd is licenced under a BSD like licence... so even if you give the code 
back to olsrd, your employer can always grab new versions and make commercial 
products from it.

> Unfortunately, I haven't had enough time until now to compile a suitable
> set of patches to be submitted to olsr.org . The ETT extension is
> implemented on OLSRd 0.4.10, and I would also like to build a patch set for
> the versions up to the most recent (0.5.5) .
Sounds very interesting...

how did you calculate the RTT value for a link ? Did you use Layer-2 
informations (Radiotap header with LibPcap for example) ?


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