[Olsr-dev] Possible Bug ?

Hannes Gredler (spam-protected)
Tue Jan 15 14:43:28 CET 2008

elektra wrote:
> I assume I came across a bug in the current developer version in CVS of  
> 2008-01-14 09:45. I'm testing several protocols in a 7x7 grid under lab 
> conditions (physical hardware, not simulation). It happened to me twice, 
> that all nodes in the routing table have a metric of 2, even if 'ping 
> -R' shows severall hops. Even single hop links get metric 2:

thats not a bug, but a implementation trick to make olsrd faster ;-)
- new default behaviour is that the hopcount is installed with a flat
FIB metric (the default here is 2).

thats a nice implementation trick to avoid enqueuing hopcount only changes.
the forwarding entity of a router (here the kernel FIB) is only really
interested in prefix to nexthop mappings.

sven-ola brought up that it might be interesting (for troubleshooting purposes)
to have the routes installed with their SPF computed hopcount.

to do that add the following line into your olsr.conf file.

fibmetric correct;



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