[Olsr-dev] Cleanup for hello handling

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Tue Jan 15 07:38:44 CET 2008

Am Montag 14 Januar 2008 21:55:25 schrieb Aaron Kaplan:
> > My plan for linkquality plugins is "simple"...
> >
> > the first part of the plugin will monitor network traffic (Hellos for
> > example) and generate link quality value.
> > This value is returned to olsrd, which integrates it into the hello
> > packages and tc packages.
> >
> > When a node receives a TC the plugin is called again to calculate a
> > final link quality value from tc-lq and tc-nlq.
> the idea behind is that you measure small and large packets ?
> No, i seem not to quite get it (yet).

The idea is that the way to measure the quality of a link is totally dependant 
on the plugin you activate... there will be a ETX plugin (which should 
produce the same routing we have now), but there could be other LQ plugins 
too (for example the ETT metric discussed here on the mailinglist).

This way we could change the routing metric without reprogramming the core of 
olsrd. Of course there should be a fallback (maybe simple RFC routing ?).


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