[Olsr-dev] -lc fork

Hannes Gredler (spam-protected)
Fri Feb 22 01:08:44 CET 2008

Erik Tromp wrote:
> Well.... nearly.
> I'm still curious who determines the contents of new releases. And by which
> criteria,
> and if there is some kind of (regression) test suite.

what we do is to do a thorough code review plus some testing in
private testbeds. furthermore we run the code at least for 2-3 days
in one of the larger networks (vienna & berlin).

thats IMO good, but not good enough ...

what i want to do in 0.5.6 or 0.5.7 is to fix olsr_switch() such
that small virtual meshes can be brought up on a single host.
i want to add some sort of automated unit testing aka 'make test', which
forks a couple of olsrds and then black box functionality is verified.
e.g. are all expected neighbors/routes etc. there., how longs does it 
take to bring up neighbors, are there stable routes and much more.

> Thanks anyway for your short tutorial on hg. It's time for me to spend some
> reading
> into this source control system :-)

its fairly simple for people used to CVS (just replace cvs with hg).
here is a good starting page plus relevant links.


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