[Olsr-dev] Request Tutorial on Plugin Interface 5

Tony Lam (spam-protected)
Thu Feb 14 16:08:53 CET 2008

Thx for the brieft description about the olsr_plugin.c in txtinfo,
I still got one more question.
I still cannot figure out how the plugin connect the other files(such as,
olsr_txtinfo.h and olsr_txtinfo.c).
Is that simply add the following line:
    #include <olsr_txtinfo.h>
in the olsr_plugin.c??
And as I know, there has no "main()" for plugin program.
So where is the entry point to those plugin??
How come olsrd know which function to use in olsr_txtinfo.c???? =[
I understand olsr_plugin.c will be read by olsr and refer to it's my_init(),
however I don't know how olsrd know which function to use in olsr_txtinfo.c~
>*eg* Yes, actually we are looking for someone who is reworking that
I am looking forward to see this page,
as I really need more information about implementing a plugin.
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