[Olsr-dev] Triggered LQ Messages

Hannes Gredler (spam-protected)
Tue Feb 12 20:12:16 CET 2008

Markus Kittenberger wrote:
>     only Hello packets are considered.
> are you really sure,..  (i had simlar thoughts before starting to dum 
> ptraffic today)

i am really sure on this ...

> within 2 minutes i dumped only 5 LQ-Hellos (0,04 Hz) but msg-seq 0x761b 
> .. 0x7679

depends a bit on your timer settings, albeit 5 received Hellos in 120s seems odd.

> and only 12 TC-LQ originated from this neighbour (0,1 Hz) 0x761c .. 0x767d
> but 160 TC-LQ Messages from any origin (1,33 Hz)
> and 199 OLSR packets (1,66 HZ)
> but it takes only 74 seconds (on this link) 
> for olsrd to count 100 packets (1,35 Hz)
> uses link sensing the sequence numbers, instead of counting?
> or does it take any (tc) message?
> or did i dump only partial?
>     hmm this is a bad idea, as there is no good determinism on which
>     interface a
>     TC message will enter the box. It is the nature of flooding that it may
>     enter at any interface which has at least a neighbor in the 2way state.
> wheter i can follow you here, depends on the above problem,..

its about priorities - right know there is some brokenness in the link-sensing
code, i'd rather fix this one before introducing a 'every msg type counts
as a liveness check' paradigm. furthermore the latter is not spec compliant.


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