[Olsr-dev] drop routes with default-gw

Markus Kittenberger (spam-protected)
Tue Feb 12 13:18:36 CET 2008

> there should be no problem, default gateway is always the next hop, so
> if there are more default gateways the olsrd should take the one with
> the lowest metric.

does that mean to take all subnet routes of the kernel routing table into
or should it just compare it with the default route olsr generates,.. (bad

on a device running olsr you can manually configure a metric 0 default route
olsr will generate its own default route with metric >=1

or even worse: you can have some /1 or /2 or ... subnet routes or so,..
i'm sure olsr ignores them completely (while it deletes manually configured
default routes)

in this scenario it makes a huge difference whether all hostroutes
get exported from olsr or not,..

but on most routers this scenario will never occure, so a plugin that
reduces the route count olsr exports makes still sense, but it should be a
plugin or configureable option,..

and in combination with an "slaveroute-daemon" on a neighbouring "virtual
lan-wlan bridge" * it makes even more sense,..


* i refer to an wireless - lan bridge i currently develop
in fact its just an arp proxy an olsr repeater,..
and at the moment an full-olsrd to get quite useful routes
getting the routes from an master olsrd running on the central device of a
node, could create a bit better and consistent routes.

this affort aims to have a net of multi-device-nodes which act (and look)
like single device nodes with many wireless interfaces,.. removing the hated
routing costs of 2 meters of ethernet cable,..

why doing this, instead of investing in olsrd support of better metrics ??

because i think that even an ETT or any multiplicated metrik cannot reduce
this burden very much,.. (because multiplicating link costs of 1 is jsut the
same bad idea as an adding an ETX of 0, (it will generate temporary loops))

ETT its just very useful to stop olsrd to route over slow links
furthermore in my opinion ETT costs should not get multiplicated, ..
(multiplicated transmission times = ???)

but i`m getting off topic,..

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