[Olsr-dev] olsrd 0.5.5 released !

Immo 'FaUl' Wehrenberg (spam-protected)
Mon Feb 11 13:17:17 CET 2008

Hallo Henning,
du schrobst:

> > First of all: i did neither notice that the olsr-code is BSD nor that
> > linking a GPL-plugin to it would be a licence-issue. I don't have any
> > problem with this anyway...
> >
> > As most of the source is mine i think i'm the one who has to decide
> > wether the licence will change or not: (at least the one who may ask
> > the others (aquinonyx and sven-ola at all). And as I don't really like
> > the idea that my source is used in some commercial-closed-source-
> > projects I'd like to make an offer:
> >
> > We extend the GPL-Licence with the term "This software may be linked
> > to any BSD-Licenced code with public available sourcecode".
> The problem with this is that I'm not sure a library like this can be
> linked with GPL code.

Ok, that can be fixed: >>This code is licenced under the terms of 
GPL v2 or - at your option - under the same terms then GPLv2 but may 
be linked to any BSD-Licenced code with public available sourcecode.<<.

I hate that juridical bullshit! ;-)

> And a commercial company could just create a BSD wrapper (and publish
> it's sourcecode) that they put between your code and the close source
> code. This way you code only link against BSD code with available
> sourcecode, but is still used in a closed-source application. The BSD
> wrapper don't need to contain the "can only be linked to code with
> source published" part.

Yea, there are allways ways around (see nvidea-drivers for linux), but 
at least here is a requirement to publish some of the code. Thats better
then nothing, IMHO.

> > Will this solve our problem or must i definitly switch licence to
> > lgpl or bsd?
> In my personal oppinion a switch to LGPL3 might be a good option for
> you... it doesn't solve the "closed source" aspect, but at least the
> company has to publish all modified quagga code and cannot use
> software patents or tivolization to prevent  reusing their rewritten
> (and published) quagga code.

Maybe i'd rather switch to gplv3 with the changes above then ;-)

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