[Olsr-dev] the problem of seting olsr.conf

guoyuehua.cool (spam-protected)
Tue Dec 30 04:59:33 CET 2008

hi guys:)

        Now i want to use olsrd in ipv6 mode, I use the global ipv6 address in my wireless card. After set mode and essid, run the command line "olsrd -i wlan0 -ipv6",but the result is as follows
        ---- Interface configuration ----

Checking wlan0:
        Wireless interface detected
        Address: 3ffe:0:0:3::2
        Multicast: ff0e::1
        Metric: 1
        MTU - IPhdr: 1438
        Index 2
        Address: 3ffe:0:0:3::2
        Multicast: ff0e::1
Join multicast send: Address already in use
Using 'etx_fpm' algorithm for lq calculation.

Main address: ::

Scheduler started - polling every 0.05 seconds

sendto(v6): Cannot assign requested address
Socket: 6 interface: 2
To: ff0e::1 (size: 28)
Outputsize: 32

        I am wondering if i must add the settings in the olsrd.conf for solve it?

        I really donot know how to solve this problem.anybody know how to solve it? best wishes

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