[Olsr-dev] segfault in -r3 reproduced

Markus Kittenberger (spam-protected)
Sun Dec 7 14:19:00 CET 2008

On Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 8:34 AM, Sven-Ola Tücke <(spam-protected)> wrote:

> Markus,
> jep - crashing on ifup/dn is a well known issue. I wasn't aware, that the
> crash does not happen any time when the iface config changes.

as i never experienced problems (crashes) with changing ips on the fly,..
i just tested it again (doing it continuosly for 10 minutes), ...
imho changing ip adress of an interface (wihtout taking it down) is no
problem for oslrd (any more)
i even changed the ip of the first/main interface, so the olsr main ip
changed aswell,..
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