[Olsr-dev] olsrd 0.5.6 released !

Hannes Gredler (spam-protected)
Wed Aug 20 14:26:23 CEST 2008

I am happy to announce that after 7 release candidates
Tip of tree has been tagged to OLSRD_0_5_6.

source tarballs can be downloaded at:

MD5-sum a21c7b8c5a9746d4f8c703cd9902747e

MD5-sum 61974f6465e4604b10ccf216ef51c0c0


PATCHES from Hannes Gredler :
- add small valgrind howto
- remove the per tc_edge timer
- add some basic infrastructure for cookies
cookies are used to track usage of timer and memory resources
- add a lightweight memory manager to reduce malloc() churn.
- eliminate data field from avl_node and list_node and
replace this via inline recasts
- add indentation dotfile for future code cleanup
- refactor the timer implementation, get rid of timeout functions
all manipulations done in constant time.
- use calloc rather than malloc for lazy callers
- log RIB add/del transactions only if there is an actual route change
- fix to to always insert a HNA Net when receiving a HNA refresh
- fix delete all routes if the last IP address is gone

PATCHES and BUGFIXES from Henning Rogge
- Bugfix for fragmented TC sequence numbers
- eliminate second timer for edge garbage collection (aka border code).
- fix SPF bug
- fix for jitter calculation
- refactor linkset code
- add netsimpcap, a network simulation device
- parser refactoring
- fix for possible overflow in fpm plugin

PATCHES and BUGFIXES from Sven-Ola Tuecke :
- add a fixed-point math implementation, which saves
a great deal of CPU on embedded devices
- fix for Link quality dijkstra limit

PATCHES and BUGFIXES from Aaron Kaplan :
- fix openbsd warnings / compile errors about sprintf strcpy

BUGFIX from Erik Tromp :
- update in bmf due to new flags field in tc_edge_entry

PATCH from Clemens Hopfer :
- dot_draw plugin: close the connection after graph output.

PATCH from Joe Gio :
- track if AC power is connected/disconnected

PATCH from Hagen Paul Pfeifer :
- import jenkins hash for good hash calculations

PATCH from Andres Ambrois :
- nameservice plugin: add parameters for SIGHUPing other daemons, or calling scripts

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