[Olsr-dev] Comments regarding the talk of Thomas Clausen at metalab

Harald Geyer (spam-protected)
Mon Aug 18 14:56:36 CEST 2008

> Am Donnerstag 14 August 2008 17:54:32 schrieb Harald Geyer:
> > Hi Thomas!
> about the MPR problem:
> We discussed two things we plan to implement for olsrd to help 
> with the MPR thing in freifunk/funkfeuer networks.
> First we plan to implement a MPR selection algorithm that takes
> the LQ values of the link into account to find a set of MPRs 
> with good links.

Ok. For this to work you will most likely need to drop nodes which
shouldn't be MPR from the neighbor set if you want to be RFC
compliant. That shouldn't cause any problems, but it would be nice
if the information about the full neighbor set was kept around 
somehow - we use this a lot for link planning (As we use the 
information from topology flooding for our map.)

> Second we are thinking about writing some kind of "remote repeater" 
> version of the olsrd for connecting multiple routers (connected
> with ethernet) into a virtual "one node, multiple radio" router. 
> This way olsr would not need MPRs to connect over ethernet because
> the switched connections would be "invisible".

Yes, that would be extremely useful. Depending on how far you want
to go it might be difficult to implement for a link state protocol 
though ...

May I ask where such discussions are taking place?


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