[Olsr-dev] Merge hna4_entry and hna6_entry

Hannes Gredler (spam-protected)
Mon Oct 22 10:03:13 CEST 2007

On Sun, Oct 21, 2007 at 01:05:56AM +0200, Bernd Petrovitsch wrote:
| Hi all!
| I stumbled recently over the structs hna4_entry and hna6_entry (in
| src/olsrd_cnf.h), which look pretty much the same (they contain an IP
| address and a netmask/prefixlen) and are there for the same purpose
| (store a locally configured HNA).
| So there is no real reason to duplicate data structures and source
| handling those. The IMHO working patch is in
| http://bernd.petrovitsch.priv.at/olsr-ng/local-hna-cleanup-20071020.patch
| but I'm not sure that it doesn't hurt others.
| Does anyone see any problems?

hi bernd,

patch looks good - one concern i have is the (reuse of netmasks).

IMO we should focus on moving all the code towards prefixes + prefixlenght
notation and get rid of netmasks altogether. so olsr_ip_prefix_to_string()
should become much simpler.


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