[Olsr-dev] default config is rfc

Jens Nachtigall (spam-protected)
Thu Oct 18 21:32:35 CEST 2007

just another one:

I think
    TcInterval                  3.0
is a bit too high together with the fish-eye, because this means that all 
nodes farther than 3 hops away do only receive a TC packet every 39 (13*3) 
seconds (assuming the broadcasts are not lost in between)

Better is probably 
  TcInterval 0.5
as said in the README-Link-Quality-Fish-Eye.txt

maybe also commented entries for all other plugins would be nice as well, so 
it is not too much fiddling if one wants to enable something. Sorry, that I 
cannot help on that since I do not know all the options and some are not too 
well-known (e.g. the port option of dot_draw is not in the plugin's README 
but I found it on the 2-year old meshcube's wiki after some time).   (just an 
idea: maybe each plugin should have it's own small config file in order to 
not to blow up the default core config too much.)

Then it would be a very good default config.


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