[Olsr-dev] Removing default route after program termination

Mitar (spam-protected)
Wed Oct 10 20:01:16 CEST 2007


> We can deciced by examing the HNA 0/0 situation. If the BSD announces HNA
> 0/0 (either by manual config entry or by dyngw/dyngwplain, it's scenario 1).
> Otherwise 2).

Not really. What if I have Internet access but I do not want to
announce it to the mesh? The mesh itself has HNA announced but I also
do not want to use it (as I have my Internet access and I do not want
to put load on a mesh unnecessary). But I still want to be able to
access nodes and subnets in a mesh (administration, different services
provided and all other reasons) and I want to be accessible from the
mesh so I need OLSR.

I see two possibilities:

The hard way: We extend OLSR daemon with routing daemon on BSD which
properly (the BSD way) work with multiple default routes, simulating
the routing behavior with different metrics for default routes on
other OSes.

The easy way: We ignore that adding a new default route does not do
anything on BSD, but we take care that the route OLSR removes is
really a route it added (and not some other default route). This way
it at least does not break anything.

Or maybe some configuration switch which would enable user to specify
which HNA announcements should his/her OLSR daemon ignore (so you
could ignore also some other announced subnets and of course also
default route announcements).


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