[Olsr-dev] olsrd-0.5.3-rc1 feedback

Acinonyx (spam-protected)
Thu Oct 4 22:58:46 CEST 2007

On Thursday 04 October 2007 22:48:20 Hannes Gredler wrote:
> vasillis,
> some clarification:
> we properly pass the metric (hopcount) to quagga - what the current code
> does not do is to install the metric in the kernel FIB.
> /hannes

Thank you hannes and bernd,

I just reviewed the code and you are right. The comment I made was based on 
the emails exchanged through the mailing list.

Quagga ignores metric from kernel routes - that's why we use quagga plugin 
after all.  This kernel flat route optimization won't be problem, in our 
occasion at least.


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