[Olsr-dev] olsrd_quagga plugin.

David Clermont (spam-protected)
Wed Nov 28 21:00:24 CET 2007

I'm attempting to use compile the olsr-current cvs branch and I have 
noticed that the quagga_olsrd plugin compiles but may not be compatible 
with the current plugin loader. I have attempted to add the 
SUPPORT_OLD_PLUGIN_VERSIONS=1 flag in the make file but I still get errors.

---------- LOADING LIBRARY olsrd_quagga.so.0.2.2 ----------
Checking plugin interface version:  5 - OK
Trying to fetch plugin init function: OK
Trying to fetch parameter table and it's size...
Trying to fetch param function: FAILED: "Unable to resolve symbol"
---------- LIBRARY olsrd_quagga.so.0.2.2 FAILED ----------
Is there something I can check to resolve the "un-resolved symbol" error?

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