[Olsr-dev] default config is rfc

Jens Nachtigall (spam-protected)
Tue Nov 6 13:54:06 CET 2007


> Both suggestions are included in the upcoming 0.5.4 upload, thanks! You can
> look at it online at
> http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/collab-maint/deb-maint/olsrd/trunk/debian/olsrd.

This now looks quite nice, and would be a good olsrd.conf. I looked over it 
again, and just found one small typo ;-)
"# see /usr/share/doc/olsrd-plugins/ for some for documentation"

Bernd, could you commit this to CVS?

> > > maybe also commented entries for all other plugins would be nice as
> > > well,
> definitly! :) But as Bernd said...
> > > Then it would be a very good default config.
> >
> > Care to send a patch?

Argh, you got me ;-)   No, frankly, I do not know all the plugins very well. I 
just noticed that the dot_draw options were neither in its README nor in the 
config, but I needed to find the options somewhere on the web, so I came up 
with the idea. For the plugins included atm in the above olsrd.conf, it does 
look fine now. 

For all the other plugins, the plugin authors (or users) could provide an 
example config block.

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