[olsr-dev] HEAD build problems

Patrick McCarty (spam-protected)
Wed May 2 00:08:55 CEST 2007

Bernd and all,

First, Several instances of missing semi-colons due to the
OLSR_PRINTF conversion to a real function popped up during my compile.

Patch attached.

Second, in src/socket_parser.c Line 197ish was changed recently (rev1.24) from:
 static struct tms tms_buf;
 now_times = times(&tms_buf);
 now_times = times(NULL);

This compiles but causes a segfault under OpenBSD 4.0 (And I suspect others...)
(Ran using gdb to figure it out...)

Would attach a patch, but cvs on sourceforge isn't connecting right now.

Still haven't tracked down the Bison issue for the cfgparser.. its a
bit of a PITA.... Other than that.. Builds and runs now, finds
neighbors and sets up links :)


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