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Jo-Philipp Wich (spam-protected)
Sun Jul 29 22:18:52 CEST 2007

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Hi Bernd,

>> [snip]
> Nice. Some comments and questions though:
> - From the "strict C" department: since strstr(3) returns a pointer,
>    comparing to NULL is more appropriate (though 0 is technically not
>    wrong).
> - strstr(3) is a basicylly substring search. I don't know if a mere
>    substring search is not too broad. Personally I would define exact
>    URLs (like the given ones) and check it more strict to be on the
> right
>    position in the request.

Okay, I'm a C beginner and blindly adapted the old functions ;)

> - From the department of "beautiful implementation": I wonder if it 
>    wouldn't be nicer to put the functions + URL parts in a table, look
>    for the (relevant part of the) given URL and call the associated
>    function.
>    If none is found, call all functions.
>    If the sequence of the table resembles the current sequence, the
>    output won't change AFAICS.

Yes, you're right. Now I use a lookup table where possible request urls
are mapped to function pointers. The reworked patch is attached.

I left the combined links + neighbours output ("/neighbours", with "u")
in place to keep the whole thing somewhat backwards compatible. Instead
I added the additional url "/neighbors" (named after the actual table)
to get the neighbor table alone.

Bad HTTP requests, e.g. request urls longer than 16 bytes, will trigger
a "400 Bad HTTP Request" response and unknown ones will generate a
friendly "not supported" message.

The patch was developed against olsrd 0.4.10 but seems to apply fine to
version 0.5.1 . I tested the changed plugin with both olsrd 0.4.10 for
mipsel running on OpenWRT Whiterussian and with olsrd 0.5.1 for mipsel
running on OpenWRT Kamikaze.

Greetings from Leipzig,
xM a.k.a. jow

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