[Olsr-dev] dot_draw severe bug

Ignacio García Pérez (spam-protected)
Fri Jul 20 14:35:56 CEST 2007


Regarding my previously reported bug, I've boiled it down to the fact 
that in olsrd_plugin.c:

*struct in_addr ipc_accept_ip*

Should be

*union olsr_in_addr ipc_accept_ip*

Plus some minor changes here an there to access the differently named 

The bug is *severe*, because the set_plugin_ip_address function takes a 
void * argument and casts it to olsd_in_addr, then copies a full 
olsr_in_addr union, which is *bigger* than in_addr and overwrites memory 
behind it.

It turns out that ipc_port is just behind it and is being corrupted by 

I'm just amazed no one found this out. The quality of the 0.5 releases 
is a bit disappointing.

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