[olsr-dev] Adding routes from a plugin .... options

Rae Harbird (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 28 23:29:48 CET 2007


I want to add and (possibly delete) entries in the OLSR routing table 
from a plugin. I have thought of a couple of ways of doing this (see 
below). I will probably choose option 1 but I would like to know if you 
can recommend anything better.

Having looked at the code more closely it seems that I cannot just add 
routes to the OLSR routing table directly (olsr_update_route) as changes 
will not persist past the next topology change.  This is because the 
routing table is constructed afresh from information in the neighbour 
information base and the topology control messages. I believe I have two 
options if I want additional routes to persist:

1. Add a function to the pcf_list which processes the additional route 
changes maintained by the plugin. The disadvantage of this is that there 
will be a brief period during which these changes are not reflected in 
the kernel routing table.

2. Replace one of the route update functions, say, 
olsr_update_kernel_routes, with a function that ALSO processes these 
additional changes. This doesn't seem too attractive since this function 
will have to be replaced each time there is a new release / patch which 
affects it.



Rae Harbird
PhD Student

Department of Computer Science
University College London
Gower Street

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