[Olsr-dev] Patch Orgy Syncup / Sorting out old TCs [long!]

Sven-Ola Tuecke (spam-protected)
Fri Dec 28 17:13:44 CET 2007

Hi (hannes),

have re-synced to HG now. My new patchset is here in an hour (mirrors need 
re-sync time, otherwise use the "download-master"):
http://download.berlin.freifunk.net/sven-ola/nylon/packages/olsrd/files/ For 
some reason, 133 was applied only partly (maybe the tgz/directory mix up) - 
but the missing else{}'s are uncritical. I can push that on your hg repo if 
you prefer.

Here's the current list with comments - I'll leave the Freifunk stuff out 
for shortness.

  (you know this)

  Discards some debug garbage.
  Status: Waiting for HG inclusion

  Adds a new mode for transferring metrics to kernel
  Status: Waiting for HG inclusion

  Adds an option to do route damping for the default
  route. In terms of social costs: It does not matter, if
  the best gateway is selected when having NAT.
  It only matters, it the selection is stable for some time.
  Status: Waiting for CVS inclusion (voodoo alert!.
  But overall experience is good anyhow)
  Status: Waiting for HG inclusion

  Missing else{}!? from HG inclusion.
  Status: Waiting for HG inclusion

  Shift some functions between C sources in order to got
  a more cleaner 135 patch.
  Status: Waiting for HG inclusion (see below 135)

  A new approach to sort out old LQ-TC messages. Checks
  ANSN to detect node restarts. If you prefer to read a more
  clear version, theres a perl script which realizes that with the
  olsrd's "-dispin" output:
  Status: Waiting for HG inclusion

I haven't check the function until now - my complete recession test squad 
has left for christmas <ggg>. For that reason no new firmware yet and no 
windows installer and so on. And as I wrote, there's the "do not forward 
TC's marked as old because they are already in the sending buffer" thingy...

// Sven-Ola

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