[Olsr-dev] [patch] hop count metric problems : bug solved

Dario Borriello (spam-protected)
Wed Dec 12 12:47:09 CET 2007


I' ve made these changes in tc_set.c in the function olsr_tc_update_mprs:

//if I don't use LQ I don't have to update  link_quality, inverse_link_quality and olsr_calc_tc_edge_entry_etx   

if (olsr_cnf->lq_level> 0)
      tc_edge->link_quality = mprs->neigh_link_quality;

      if (olsr_etx_significant_change(tc_edge->inverse_link_quality,
                                      mprs->link_quality)) {

        if (msg->hop_count <= olsr_cnf->lq_dlimit)
          edge_change = 1;
if (olsr_cnf->lq_level> 0)
      tc_edge->inverse_link_quality = mprs->link_quality;

       * Update the etx.
if (olsr_cnf->lq_level> 0) 

Now it seems to work correctly....

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